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Carrel Room

1. Each carrel is designated for ONE user only.

2. The Key to the room must be returned 5 minutes before the due time and request for extension of period is subject to the availability of the room. (A fine of RM10.00 will beimposed to lost of key).

3. Users are to ensure that all Lights are switched off and the carrel room door is properly locked upon leaving the room.

4. The reservation of room will be cancelled if a user leaves the Library premises for more than 1 hour.

5. Users are not allowed to stick any papers or notices on the walls or doors of the room.

6. Library materials, books or personal items (e.g. laptop) are not to be left unattended in the room.

7. The Library is not responsible for any lost of personal belongings / books which are left in the carrel.

8. Any damage to furniture or other facilities in the room must be reported to the staff on duty at Counter 1, Level 1, Block A for the library further action.

9. The Library staffs reserve the right to inspect the carrels at any point of time
deemed necessary.

10. All Library Rules and Regulations are applicable and appropriate actions will be taken against those who are found in violation.

• First offence - Suspension of membership for 4 weeks

• Second & subsequent offences - Suspension of membership for 8 weeks

[Suspension of membership: loan and Carrel facilities withdrawn]

Updated:: 22/07/2013 [syafini]


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