What are the library's operating hours?

To view the hours of library service, please click here for more details.

How do UPM staff and students apply for library membership?

  • UPM staff and students are automatically members of the library.
  • For further information, please contact the Circulation Counter at 03-9769 8635 during office hours.
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    Can retired UPM staff use the library services and facilities?

    Retired UPM staff can use the services and facilities of the library by applying for UPM Retiree membership. No membership fee charged.

    What should I do if I want to continue using the library after graduation?

    After graduation, you can apply for membership as a UPM Alumni with a membership fee of RM100.00 per year.

    Can individuals who are not UPM students or staff apply for Library membership?

  • Yes. Individuals who are not UPM students or staff can apply to become library members at the Circulation Counter during office hours or use the membership application form online. For more information, please refer to the Library Membership link.
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    Does the library allow visitors?

  • Visitors are allowed to visit the library individually or in groups.

  • LOAN
    How many books can I borrow at one time?

    Eligibility differs depending on the user category. Please click here  for more details.

    How do I renew a book loan?

    Borrowed book can be renewed online 2 times and must be done one day before the end date of the borrowing period.

    Why did I not successfully renew the book loan?

    Loan renewal is not successful because:

  • The loan period has expired.
  • The book has been reserved by another user.
  • User records have been blocked.
  • Users have fines.
  • The maximum limit of online renewal of 2 times has been done.
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    Why can't I make a book reservation?

    Book reservation was not successful because:

  • The status of the book in the Library Catalog (KOHA WebOPAC) is "Available."
  • User records have been blocked.
  • Users have fines.
  • The user has reached the maximum limit of borrowing eligibility.
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    The library catalogue indicates that the material is located in the Branch Library. How can I get it?

    Please go to the Branch Library and make a loan from there. However, you are allowed to return the borrowed book at any library.

    Where can I return a book?

    You can return book at the Circulation Counter or at the Book Drop Machine outside the library. When the library is closed, you can use this Book Drop Machine to return book.  

    I have borrowed books at the Main Library. Can I return books at the Branch Library?

    You are allowed to return books at any library, whether the Main Library or a branch.

    How much are the fines for late returns?

    Late returns will be charged a fine of RM0.20 per day/book.

    What should I do if the book I borrowed is lost / damaged?

  • If a borrowed item is lost / damaged, report it immediately to the Circulation Counter.
  • Users are responsible for paying for or replacing lost / damaged materials.
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    How can I check my fines?

    You can check your fines in the Library Catalog (KOHA WebOPAC).

    What happens if I have outstanding fines?

    If I have outstanding fines:

  • Your library account will be blocked. As a result, you will not be able to make loans, renew loans and make reservations.
  • You are unable to complete the Information Form for Graduation (PU/S/BR04/GS-17).
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    Can the library deliver books to a home address if the user is a Distance Learner?

  • Yes. The library provides this service to distance students. Please click here for more details.

    Does the library provide discussion rooms or group study rooms and who is eligible to use them?

  • There are 10 discussion rooms available for UPM students and lecturers. A minimum of 4 users is required to reserve a discussion room. Please click here for more details.
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    How long can a user reserve and use a discussion room per day?

  • Users can reserve and use the discussion room for a maximum of two slots (two hours per slot) or only 4 hours per day. Renewal of room reservation is allowed if there is no reservation from another user.
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    How can I reserved the carrel room?

  • The library provides 44 carrel rooms for the academic staff and postgraduate students. Applications to use these rooms can be made at the Circulation Counter, Level 1, Block A.
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    What are the library facilities for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)?

  • The library facilities provided for the disabled are special parking, special path, Carrel Room (Braille Machine) and disabled friendly toilets.
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    Does the library provide printing, photocopying and scanning services?

  • Yes. Printing (black/white and colour), photocopying and scanning services are available at JomPrint@Lib on the Ground Level, Block A.
  • 24
    Can I pay in cash for all paid services and fines?

  • You can’t. The library has implemented cashless payments for all paid services and fines.
  • 25
    Does the library provide charger for laptop or phone?

  • The library does not provide chargers for laptops or phones. However, the library provides sockets for users to charge laptops or phones.
  • 26
    Are there computers facilities at the library?

  • The library provides computer facilities located at the Electronic Reference Room, Level 1, Block A to facilitate users accessing online databases and the Internet.
  • 27
    Do the library computers have Microsoft Office and other computer software?

  • Computers in the library are only installed with Microsoft Office software. For other software, please contact the Communication Information Development Center (iDEC) or your faculty.
  • 28
    Does the library have Wi-Fi?

  • Yes. the Library provides Wi-Fi. Users can connect to the Hotspot@PUTRA network using their own devices inside the library premises.
  • 29
    Do I have to register my laptop to use the Wi-Fi network at the library?

  • Users do not need to register to use Wi-Fi facilities while in the Library. They just need to select Wi-Fi Hotspot@PUTRA available on the device to get the wireless network connection.
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    Where is the cafeteria near the library?

  • He & She Coffee is located next to Graduate Wings, Ground Level, Block B.
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    How can I get assistance if I am having difficulties using library's facilities and services?

  • Please seek assistance and guidance from the officer in duty at the User’s Advisory Desk, or contact your Liaison Librarian via phone, email, Whatsapp, or in person.
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    How do I give any comments or suggestions?

  • Your comments or suggestions can be sent to U-Respons UPM.

    How to find print and online journals available in the library?

  • For printed journals, you can search through the Library Catalog (KOHA WebOPAC).
  • For online journals, please log in through the OpenAthens Portal using your UPM Email and password.
  • 34
    I found a book in the Library Catalogue System (KOHA). How do I find it in the library?

  • Please get the call number, location and status of the book on the shelf.
  • 35
    How can I get a list of books I have borrowed?

  • You can get a list of books that have been borrowed through your patron account in the Library Catalog (KOHA WebOPAC).
  • 36
    What is a book call number and what is it used for?

  • The call number is a unique number for each book.
  • It is usually printed on a label affixed to the spine of the book to indicate where the book is arranged / located in the library. 
  • 37
    What should I do if the needed book is not available on the shelf?

  • Please inform the officer on duty at the User’s Advisory Desk to take further action.
  • 38
    Where can I get new books in the library?

  • New books in the library are displayed in the lobby of Level 1, Block A. Please seek assistance from the officer on duty at the User’s Advisory Desk.
  • 39
    What should I do if I don't have time to get the book on the shelf?
    Are there movies and videos collection in the library?

  • Yes. The library has a collection of academic films and videos located at the Media, Archives and Preservation Division.
  • 41
    Does the library have a collection of novels?

  • Yes. The library has a fiction collection sin Malay and English in the Light Reading Room, Level 1, Block A.
  • 42
    Are there textbook collections in the library?

  • Yes. The library has a collection of textbooks recommended by lecturers / faculty, which are located in Special Collections on Level 2, Block B. This collection is for reference in the library only.
  • 43
    Are there any children's books at the library?

  • As an academic library, the library does not have children's books. On the other hand, library collection focus on academic books to support teaching, learning and research in the university.
  • 44
    Does the library accept book donations?

  • The Library accepts book donations from individuals or organizations.
  • The books can be sent to the Library, either by post or by hand. For inquiries, please contact

    What browser should I use when accessing the library database?

  • Users can use any browser to access Library websites and online databases.
  • 46
    Why I can’t access the library's online database when I'm off campus?

  • You are required to access the database through the Library Then scroll down and click on the OpenAthens icon on the right. Please log in using your UPM Email and password.
  • 47
    I received an error message when trying to access an online database. What should I do?

  • Please send the report and screenshot to for assistance.
  • 48
    Where can I find eBooks?

  • eBooks may be accessed via the OpenAthens Portal.
  • 49
    How to access the UPM Theses Collection?

  • For printed theses and dissertations, please refer to the Library Catalog (KOHA WebOPAC).
  • For online theses and dissertations, may be accessed via the OpenAthens Portal.
  •   Note:  You are required to use Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to browse the UPM eTheses Portal.

    How to access the thesis collection in Malaysia?

  • You can access it via Malaysian Theses Online Portal (MYTO).
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    Does the library have an institutional repository?

  • Yes. The library has an institutional repository known as the Universiti Putra Malaysia Institutional Repository (UPMIR). It is an online digital archive that serves as a collection and storage center for information and scientific research at Universiti Putra Malaysia.
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    Does the Library subscribe to Web of Science (WoS) and how to access it?

    Please be informed that the Library does not subscribe to Web of Science (WoS). UPM users, however, can access to WoS which is subscribed by the Malaysian Citation Center, Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). To access, users must connect to MoHE's wifi which is available at:  

  • Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), Jalan P5/6, Presint 5, 62200 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya
  •   Once connected to the wifi, please go to to access WoS.

    How to access to Datastream?

    Users are required to login to Datastream by using the unique ID and password. Please contact liaison librarian, Mrs Najah Mohd Ali ( in getting the ID and password.

    How to access subscribed online databases and journals (UPM Student and Staff)?

    You are required to access the database through the Library websites Then scroll down and click on the OpenAthens icon on the right. Please log in using your UPM email and password. Guide and Tutorial.

    How to access subscribed online databases and journals (Putra Business School)?

    You are required to access the database through the Library websites Then scroll down and click on the OpenAthens icon on the right. Click "sign in for other member of UPM". Please sign in using your student id and passport number. Guide and Tutorial.

    How can I get a book or article that is not in the library?

    You can use the Document Delivery Service.

    Who can make a request for Document Delivery?

    UPM staff and students.

    What type of materials can be request through Document Delivery Service?

    You may request book chapters, conference papers, journal articles and books. However, it is subject to the lending policy of the library that provides this service.

    Is there any charge for this Document Delivery Service?

    This service is free of charge unless it is obtained from abroad. Applicants will be informed earlier whether they agree or not.

    How do I know the requested material has been received by the library?

    You will be notified by e-mail when the material requested for the loan has arrived. Soft copy materials will be sent via email, while for printed materials, you are required to pick them up at the Circulation Counter, Level 1, Block A.

    How can I get assistance finding references for my topic?

  • Perpustakaan The Library provides Literature Search Services and is a paid service provided by the Reference Division to help users obtain information for the purpose of research, academic writing, papers or coursework. This service is open to all UPM members and external members.

    How can a lecturer request information literacy classes for their students in the library?

    Lecturers may request information literacy classes at the library by contacting their Liaison Librarian.

    Who I can contact to assist me regarding information resources in the library?

    You can consult your Liaison Librarian for assistance, guidance and tutoring in various information resource skills for learning and research purposes.

    How can I find out about library workshops and seminars?

    Information on workshops or seminars offered by the library is available at the Library's website. Please click here for more details.

    Are Turnitin accounts allowed for students?

    Yes. Students need to get the Class ID and Enrollment Key from their respective lecturers/supervisors for registration purposes.

    How can lecturers register for a Turnitin account?

    Lecturers need to contact their respective Liaison Librarians for account registration.

    Who should I contact for assistance if I have a Turnitin issue?

    Please contact your Liaison Librarian for assistance.

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