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Speed Reading Course: High Impact Reading

By: Norfaezah Khomsan


Serdang, 25 April - The Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS) has organized a  Speed Reading Course: High Impact Reading in an effort to stimulate interest in reading and expand knowledge with the aim of effectively mastering speed reading techniques, at Malawati Room 2, PSAS.

YBrs. Prof. Associate Dr. Nor Wahiza Abd Wahat from the Department of Professional Development and Further Education,  Faculty of Educational Studies UPM shared speed reading techniques such as fixation, scanning, skimming and paragraph description. Through explanations and practical exercises during the course, speed reading techniques are capable of reducing reading time and focus only on important and relevant content. Speed reading is using the sense of sight by focussing on the text and not turning around while reading. Good tips include using a thin object pointer when reading.

The 18 course participants successfully applied the techniques they had learnt and shared the book they had read in the afternoon. According to the speaker, consistent training is needed to improve the mastery of speed reading techniques. This course is seen as necessary to enhance the competencies of PSAS staff to create a team for an effective reading programme.


Associate Prof. Dr. Nor Wahiza shared the speed reading method to the participants

The participants focus on the theoretical and practical sessions


Group photo of participants Speed Reading Course: High Impact Reading

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