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Knowledge Sharing Session Series 2/2024

Serdang, 25 March - The Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS) continues its efforts to promote knowledge discovery and sharing by organizing the 2/2024 Knowledge Sharing Session series, which was attended by 106 library staff online.

The session began with a sharing of participants attending ICoLIS 2023: The 9th International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society, which included Mrs Fazlin Shamsudin, Mrs Samsida Samsudin and Ms Azian Edawati Zakaria. With the theme ‘Libraries at the forefront of Open Science’, participants exchanged views on open science initiatives, trends, challenges and agendas. Libraries have a role to play in the university's data management plan, although the regional challenge of cooperation and collaboration was recognised to make this open science agenda a success. Librarians should play a role based on skills, knowledge and experience to create a systematic research data management. In addition, participants also shared insights on Malaysia's National OER policy supported by open science and open data. Open Educational Resources (OER) can be strengthened by promoting the expertise of librarians and understanding the true role of librarians in supporting access to OER materials using open source software. 

The session continued with sharing from participants attended the International Symposium On Citizen Science 2023 (ISoCS 2023), namely Mr Azizan Arshad, Ms Syafiqah Nabilah Binti Jamali and Ms Aznizultina Md Nazar. In this symposium, various citizen science projects and movements were presented to raise awareness on the impact of social engagement and increase access to the diversity of open science.

Mr Mohd Dasuki Sahak won the Best Paper Award at the International Conference On Social Science, Information And Islamic Studies 2023 with his presentation Decoding Digital Competencies: A Bibliometric Analysis of Academic Librarianship. The study presents various digital literacy topics and emphasizes the need for continuing education opportunities to keep up with the dynamics of digital technologies while highlighting the challenges of technological evolution.

Overall, the session provided valuable insights into open science, digital competencies, and the role of libraries in supporting knowledge discovery and sharing initiatives.


Beneficial sharing of presenters at the Knowledge Sharing Session Series 2/2024


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