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Knowledge Sharing on Librarianship in the Kunjung Ilmu PSAS Programme

By Norfaezah Khomsan


Serdang, 5 October - The Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS), UPM has shared its librarianship knowledge through the Kunjung Ilmu PSAS Programme. Through this programme, PSAS, which has received educational visits from the students and teachers of SMK Sultan Sulaiman Kuala Terengganu, succeeded in making this platform an interactive knowledge sharing between students and librarians.

"This programme is one of PSAS's initiative to support UPM's Strategic Plan in preserving the ecosystem of industrial and community networks by making beneficial contributions to the community through knowledge sharing activities that ultimately give impact on the community of teachers and students when they apply it in the future," said Puan Nur Azleen Hasan as Chairperson of the Kunjung Ilmu PSAS Programme.


Group photo of SMK Sultan Sulaiman Kunjung Ilmu’s participants with Senior Deputy Chief Librarian, Miss Haslina Abu Seman@Talib, together with programme committee 


Participants were first introduced to PSAS's facilities and collections of PSAS as a provider of information resources at UPM. The session then continued with the sharing of the three (3) Key learning modules  chosen, namely the Information Searching Module, the Classification and Cataloging Module, and the Library Promotion Module. The first session began with the Information Searching Module, delivered by the Senior Librarian of the Reference Division, Mrs Fazlin Shamsudin, who shared techniques for online information searching, and library materials.


The Liaison Librarian shares tips and techniques for precise information search.


Following that, the students were given an understanding of the importance of systematic library resources management in facilitating fast access to materials through the Classification and Cataloging Module. The session was conducted by the Senior Librarian of the User Services Division, Y.M Raja Norazlinda Raje Azenam, included the Dewey Decimal Classification System which is commonly used in schools to classify monograph materials.


The UPM Librarian guides the School Librarian with book classification and arrangement.


The sharing continued with the Library Promotion Module. Through this session, librarian from Systems and Information Technology Division, Mr. Mohamad Amirul Iqhmal Mohamad Badrul Zaman has explained the promotion techniques for the school resource center and the current free software that can be used by students in assisting the promotion activities of the resource center.


Sharing of promotional techniques to increase the use of the Resource Center and the promotion of information literacy activities


The Kunjung Ilmu Program preceded with a guided tour around the PSAS area. The participants experienced student campus life using the facilities provided by the library such as the Computer Room, Carrel Room, Digital Reading Area and retrieval of books from the PSAS main collection. This program is expected to be a platform for the library to get closer to the school community, and a bridge for knowledge sharing with the community.


Guided tour activity at the Sultan Abdul Samad Library, UPM


Guided tour activity at the Sultan Abdul Samad Library, UPM


Guided tour activity at the Sultan Abdul Samad Library, UPM


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