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Document Delivery

General Information

The Document Delivery Service (DDS) enables UPM students, faculty members, and staff to borrow materials not available at UPM libraries from other libraries, both local and abroad. Requests are restricted to materials required for study, teaching or research purposes only. All requests must comply with the Copyright Law.

The service is offered to registered library patrons: -

  1. UPM faculty members
  2. UPM students
  3. UPM staff card holders

Library external members, UPM alumni and members of the general public are not eligible for this service. These users should request interlibrary loans through the libraries they are affiliated with.

What Items Can Be Requested?

  1. Items not owned by UPM libraries.
  2. Items that are checked out of UPM libraries.
  3. Items missing from UPM libraries.
  4. Items at UPM libraries that can no longer circulate because of their fragile condition.

Items That Cannot Be Requested

  1. Items available at UPM libraries.
  2. Items designated as Non-Circulating which include reference materials, microfilm and etc.
  3. Materials On-Reserve for specific course.

Items That May Be Difficult to Obtain

  • Entire journal volumes or issues are often not available for loan; as a substitute, photocopies of articles are supplied by interlibrary loan. A separate request must be submitted for each article.
  • Audio-visual materials are not usually available through interlibrary loan.
  • Thesis/Project Paper are also not available through DDS.
  • However, copy of thesis can be purchased from Proquest Digital Dissertation or universities abroad.
  • Items that the owning libraries consider too old, brittle, fragile or that are located in their special collections are not usually lent.

How to Request?

Before requesting materials, please check the item against KOHA WebOPAC and PSAS Subscribed Online Databases to ensure that the items are not available in the library. 

Fill-in the form available via online DOCUMENT DELIVERY SERVICE FORM. **[Authorized email to access this online form is UPM email]
If you may locate where it is available, please indicate on the form (this will expedite the process). Please check other Malaysian library catalogues.

Please note that cancellation of requests in some cases may NOT be possible, particularly requests sent to British Library. Thus, it is very important to ensure that items requested are absolutely necessary.

Borrower Responsibilities

Users' will have to respect and follow any restrictions placed on them by the lending libraries to maintain UPM Library's borrowing privileges with other libraries. 

Keep a record of all items you have requested. Pick up the requested items and return them promptly. (Books may usually be borrowed for 2 WEEKS, but please return them 5 days before the due date).

Users are financially responsible to any damage or loss of the interlibrary loan items. Any damage should be reported immediately to the Interlibrary Loan Office. Users should not attempt to repair any damage themselves. Any charges imposed will be specified by the lending library.

Please note that requestors still have to pay for the charges even if they do not collect the requested materials after being notified of their receipt. 

How Long it Takes to Fill Requests? 

Normal turnaround time the item requested will usually arrived within two to three weeks after the request is submitted, although difficult-to-obtain items may take much longer. Delivery time is related to the lending library's procedures, availability of materials and the delivery service used. Please be sure to allow enough time to receive requests.

Requestor will be notified by email when the item arrives. 

Materials can be collected at the User Services Counter.

Charges and Payment:

All charges are borne by the requestor. The costs may vary from time to time and are determined by the owning libraries. However, book loans from local sources are free of charge. 

Payment must be made before collecting the materials either by cash or via Research Grant or Faculty Vote (with authorization from Supervisors or Head of Department). 


The Library (PSAS) also provides Document Delivery Services to other Institutions. 

For individuals who wish to use these services, please contact the library that you are affiliated with. Requestors may check the Library catalog via KOHA WebOPAC.

Please send the application via email / fax to: / 03-89483745 (Attn.: DDS Office)

For further inquiries please contact:

Noor Syafini Zamani

Senior Librarian 
Document Delivery Service
Sultan Abdul Samad Libraru
43400 UPM Serdang.
Tel : 03-9769 8635
Fax: 03-9769 4747




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