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Majlis Amanat Ketua Pustakawan 2022

Serdang, 17th March - Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad (PSAS) has held the 2022 Majlis Amanat Ketua Pustakawan 2022 as a yearly platform for sharing information, achievements and direction of PSAS for 2022.


Chief Librarian, Mr Muzaffar Shah Kasim delivering his message for 2022.


The Chief Librarian, Mr. Muzaffar Shah Kasim in his speech presented the achievements for 2021 including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the overall performance of library services. He stressed that PSAS should always be ready and evolve in line with the needs of users. He also presented new systems and applications developed in 2021 such as the Online Document Supply Service, Online Reference Inquiry (Online Chat, Facebook and Twitter), Book De Service and the e-Resources Awareness Program: Your FYP Preparation. Meanwhile, portals that are under development such as the Project Bachelor Portal, Putra Open Educational Resources (OER) Portal and PSAS Librooms are expected to help increase the diversity of Library services and facilitate access to information by users.

He also informed of improvements for the year 20221 in research services and access to databases and ebooks. The strengthening of electronic resources was also improved with 145,596 records added to UPM IR, UPM eTHESIS, UPM Agris and Memory@Serdang. The Agri@UPM portal has been developed to strengthen digital content for agricultural subjects with a cumulative of 36 topics that are also equipped with video resources. Meanwhile, to support the aspirations of STAR Library, which is Smart, Technology, Advanced and Relevant Library, PSAS has added video conferencing hardware, Kindle ebook, Smart Projector, Smart Television and upgraded the EAS Security Gate at the Bintulu Campus Library.

The event which was attended by 135 participants was further informed of the plans for 2022. The STAR Library project will be continued with the provision of Digital Reading Area, PSAS Mobile Apps 2.0, Archive Management System, transformation of special collection area and development of Archives and Galleries. Among the initiatives of PSAS that will be succeeded in 2022 are the UPM Oral History Project and the PSAS EKSA Practice. Various multimedia projects are also planned to be implemented in 2022, namely the PSAS Virtual Tour Project, the development of new corporate videos and the development of multimedia content for the Information Literacy Program.



Library service innovation in application system development.


Addition of electronic resource database information records through library portals.




Among the 2022 plan.


Group photos of the online participants.

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