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Benchmarking Visit from German - Malaysian Institute (GMI)

Serdang, 23 July 2020  - The librarian's expertise in developing and managing the KOHA Library Management System at Perpustakaan Abdul Samad (PSAS) has attracted the attention of three professional officers from the German Malaysian Institutite (GMI) to hold a benchmarking visit.

During the session, librarians from the Information Systems and Technology Division shared their experiences and suggested best practices implementing KOHA at the GMI Library. GMI is interested in obtaining KOHA system consulting services as well as participating in KOHA workshops organized by PSAS. It is hoped that through this visit can give a clear picture of the KOHA system and further strengthen good relations between the two institutions.


Sharing session by PSAS’s librarian Exchange of souvenirs as a token of appreciation Group photos at “We Love UPM”, PSAS

Date of Input: 27/07/2020 | Updated: 27/07/2020 | syafini


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