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All UPM staff and students automatically are library members. New staff, students of Executive Programme and Distance Learning are required to register at the User Services Division



User Services Services includes Loan, Renewal, Reservation and Membership




1. General Collection



Books from the General Collection can be borrowed at User Services Counter or by using Self-Check Machine. Borrowing privileges for the various categories of users are as follows :-

UPM Staff Loan Eligibility / Period

Management and Professional

30 copies / 60 days


30 copies / 60 days

Contract Lecturer / Tutor / Fellow Researcher / Visiting Professor (with Authorized letter)

15 copies / 30 days

Part-time Lecturer, Contract Officer, Attachment Officer, Research Assistant

4 copies / 14 days

Associate Member : Associate Instructor, Department Advisor, Council Member

15 copies / 30 days

Support Staff

4 copies / 14 days
UPM Student Loan Eligibility / Period

Post-graduate Students (Masters / PhD)

20 copies / 30 days

Distance Learning (Post-graduate Students)

15 copies / 30 days

Clinical Medical Student (Bachelor / Doctor)

10 copies / 30 days

Degree Students (Bachelor / Executive)

10 copies / 14 days

Diploma Students / Foundation Program

6 copies / 14 days

Distance Learning (Degree Students)

4 copies / 21 days

Non-Degree Students (including attachment graduate students from abroad)

4 copies / 14 days

Special Course (Short Term Course)

2 copies / 14 days
External Member

Loan Eligibility

(General Collection only)

Corporate / Private Institution
2 copies /name / 14 days
Government Institution
2 copies /name / 14 days
Government staff 2 copies / 14 days
Alumni 2 copies / 14 days
Public Universities 2 copies / 14 days
Private Organization Officer 2 copies / 14 days
Private Universities 2 copies / 14 days
Family Members of UPM staff 2 copies / 14 days
UPM Pensioners 4 copies / 14 days
  2. Serial Collection  
  All Serial Collection are for use within the Library premises only.  


3. Reference Materials

  All Reference materials are for use in the Library only. However, academic staff may request to borrow certain reference materials from the Librarian at the User Services Division.  

 4. Red Spot Collection


Users can borrow only one book at a time for 1 day.


5. Audio-Visual Materials


All audio-visual material  are to be used in the Library. However academic staff can request to borrow certain materials for a specified time only. Arrangements can be made at the Counter of the Media and Archives Division


6. Thesis / Project Report

  Thesis / Project Report can be borrowed for 2 hours and are not allowed to be taken out of the library. Photocopying is not allowed unless, written permission is granted by the author.  

 7. Other Library materials

  To borrow other materials please contact the Librarian at the User Services Division. Contact number :- 03-97698629  


  Renewal is possible if the item is not reserved or recalled by another user. Renewal can be done online via  KOHA WebOpac. Each item can only be renewed twice.  


  Library users can reserve an item that is on loan to another user. Once returned, the item on hold will be kept for 7 days, after which it will be given to the next person on the list or returned to the shelf  



1. UPM Members


2. External Members


Individuals who are not UPM students or staff can apply to be a library member at the User Services Division Counter during office hours.


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