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Electronic Reference Room Guidelines

1. Electronic Reference Room (ERR) service and facilities are available for UPM students and staffs only.

2. Patrons are required to produce their library cards when signing up for the computer use.

3. PSAS staff will provide assistance and guidance as and when necessary.

4. Not more than two persons are allowed at the individual PC at one particular time.

5. Internet access is limited to two hours per day for each user, in which each usage is limited for one hour only.

6. The internet PCs facility available is to be used primarily for research activities only.

7. User may send or receive web based e-mail (electronic mail) using the library's Internet access computers.

8. Users are prohibited from surfing pornographic sites, or sensitive websites or use messenger services or chatting.

9. While respecting each individual user right to privacy, the Library staffs reserve the right to monitor the use of internet workstations as to ensure the compliance to this policy.

10. The library is not responsible for the security of any exchange of information or transactions performed on the Internet.

11. Users are not allowed to detach, change or swap any computer peripherals available in EER.

12.Users are not allowed to use personal software applications or programs in any of the PCs as to avoid spreading of computer virus.

13.Copyright law prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials. The violation or infringement of copyright or any other illegal used of information or data, solely lies with the user and not the library.

14. Wrongdoings or breaking the above rules/general rules of the Library may result in one of the followings:-

• Suspension from using the Electronic Reference Room services.

• First Offence - Suspension of library membership for 4 weeks.

• Second Offence - Suspension of library membership for 8 weeks

• Third and Subsequent Offences - Suspension of library membership for 1 semester.

• Fines not more than RM200.00

The Offence committed can be brought to the attention of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) for further action deemed necessary or appropriate. 

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