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Electronic Reference Room Guidelines

  1. Services and facilities in the Electronic Reference Room (BRE) are for UPM students and staff only. Students/Staff need to enter the ID (Matric No.) and Password (Matric No.) to use this computer service.

  1. If the user has a problem while using the computer at BRE, the user can fill out the BRE Service Complaint Form at this link - https://forms.gle/v1mZ4wvwZ6bv5ynNA.
  2. The Internet access time limit is nine (9) hours per day per user.
  3. The use of internet computers is preferred for learning and research purposes only.
  4. Users are prohibited from visiting pornographic and sensitive websites.
  5. Only one user is allowed to use each computer at a time.
  6. PSAS respects the personal rights of each user. However, we also reserve the right to monitor internet usage to ensure that all rules are complied with.
  7. PSAS is not responsible for the security of information exchange or transactions made via the internet.
  8. Please contact the PSAS Officer at the Loan Counter if required.
  9. Users are not allowed to change/remove computer hardware/furniture.
  10. Users should not use their own software programs to avoid viruses. Users also need to make sure the storage device is virus-free.
  11. The Copyright Act prohibits any copying or distribution of material protected by the act. All responsibilities arising from the misuse of Copyright or any misuse are borne by the user.
  12. Violation or non-compliance of the user to the above rules / general rules of the library may result in the user being subject to one of the actions
    the following:
  • Suspended immediately from obtaining all service facilities at the Electronic Reference Division
  • Suspended library membership for 4 weeks
  • Suspended library membership for 8 weeks for the 2nd offense
  • Suspended library membership for one semester for the next offense
  • The fine does not exceed RM200.00
  • Inform the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student and Alumni Affairs


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