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The Rukun Negara Collection at PSAS Attracts BERNAMA's Interests

UPM SERDANG, June 22 - The variety of information available at the Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad (PSAS), Universiti Putra Malaysia, has attracted BERNAMA officials  (Malaysian National News Agency) to visit PSAS on the 19th June, 2020 to obtain information for the Rukun Negara 50th Anniversary Celebration Special Documentary.

The visit by BERNAMA led by Haji Ahmad Fuad Bin Yahya, Deputy Chief Editor, International News Desk together with Mrs Hasnita Ibrahim, BERNAMA Information Manager, and four BERNAMA officials was welcomed by Senior Deputy Chief Librarian, Mr. Haji Shaifol Yazam Mat, and PSAS staff.

The delegation was brought to the Special Collections and briefed on the collection of materials related to Rukun Negara available at PSAS. During the visit,  BERNAMA has selected and borrowed a few books which are relevant to the content of the documentary. May this kind of cooperation will contribute to the unity of the nation.


Tuan Haji Ahmad Fuad Bin Yahya (right),
presenting a token of momento to Tuan Haji Shaifol Yazam Mat

BERNAMA officials reviewing information
on Rukun Negara available at PSAS

A brief introduction of the collection on Rukun Negara
available at PSAS and the searching  method for finding information presented by Mr. Mohd Dasuki Sahak, Senior Librarian, PSAS

Group photo of BERNAMA officials and PSAS staff in front of PSAS building

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