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Tazkirah Ramadan: Stress Management According to Islamic Perspective

By: Norfaezah Khomsan


Serdang, April 14 - The Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS) has organized a Tazkirah Ramadan: Stress Management According to an Islamic Perspective 240 UPM staff attending it online. The purpose of this program is to gain knowledge for the best stress management techniques according to Islamic teachings.

Ustaz Mohd Azubir bin Razali, Senior Assistant Director, Islamic Leadership Center of Excellence, Malaysia Islamic Training Institute (ILIM) has shared stress management techniques using the natural therapy approach. He has applied the understanding of the importance of preserving and conserving nature that can help people manage their stress well. One of the main content he conveyed is for every person to plant a tree whether big or small based on the hadith:


"A Muslim does not plant a tree, nor does he plant a plant and the fruit of the plant is eaten by birds, humans or animals, but (the plant) becomes alms for him." (HR. Imam Bukhari hadith no. 2321)


In addition to being able to manage stress well through tree planting activities, it can also reward the grower as shares in the afterlife, Insya-Allah.

Moderate stress can provide motivation in the development of a person's life, but excessive stress can harm health. This 2-hour program is also filled with interactive sessions and discussions with participants.


Ustaz Mohd Azubir bin Razali explained the relationship between stress and God’s test.


Interactive quiz session with participants


Sharing about the importance of preserving nature in dealing with stress.

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