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Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad (PSAS) strengthen its Emergency Response Team (ERT)

By Mohd Dasuki Bin Sahak and Morni Yati Ibrahim


Serdang, 27 September - Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS) organized an "Emergency Response Team (ERT) Course" held at the Termasa Room, PSAS and was attended by 50 ERT PSAS members.

This course was organized to meet the requirements which requires ERT Team members to undergo emergency training before the Building Evacuation Training (Fire Drill) is held. In particular, this course aims to improve the competence of the ERT Team members in dealing with emergency cases such as fire extinguishers, medical first aid and emergency communication techniques.



ERT members undergoing practical training



At the beginning of the course, three officers from the University Health Center (PKU), UPM brief and guide the ERT members on the proper techniques on providing first aid and how to perform "Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation" (CPR). This training is important for the ERT members to help save victims who are facing emergency situations before the arrival of medical personnel.


CPR practice using a mannequin model



Later the ERT members were given exposure on how to use the first aid kit and methods on sling wraps on limbs for bleeding and broken wounds body parts. At the end of this session, the facilitator conducted a practical session on the correct techniques and ways to help choking victims and perform CPR.

Meanwhile, the next session was facilitated by PSAS JKKP members who have experience in managing the Occupational Safety and Health Committee (JKKP) and conducting Fire Drill training. ERT members were given exposure to fire extinguishers, the role of ERT and JKKP and the use of "Walkie Talkie" communication tools. At the end of the course, a Fire Drill training simulation was held to test the effectiveness of emergency communication between ERT Team members.


ERT members undergoing Fire Drill Simulation Training

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