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Kursus Pemantapan Organisasi PSAS 2022

By :  Norfaezah Khomsan and Nazibah Kamaruddin

Port Dickson, 6 & 7 August - The Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS) has organized the 2022 PSAS Organizational Strengthening Course at D'Wharf Hotel & Serviced Residence, Port Dickson. This course was attended by 86 PSAS officers including management and professional officers as well as executive officers.


Participants of “Kursus Pemantapan Organisasi PSAS 2022”


The purpose of this course is to enforce understanding among officers about the importance of teamwork, effective communication from different backgrounds, and increase work motivation among officers.



Activities to form effective leadership and teamwork



Meanwhile, the Leadership and Interpersonal Interaction Skills Slot which was conducted by Mr. Syed Faizal Sitheek Rahman from Cute Carry Sdn Bhd. The speaker has emphasized techniques to form leadership characteristics in participants. He has also emphasized the aspect of leadership by giving examples to the real world. The activity continues with an outdoor session that requires IQ intelligence and effective teamwork.



Dinner session and lucky draw activities


The activity continued with a dinner session with an "Aloha" theme with various lucky draws and gift exchange sessions between staff. Through this session, relationships and bonding between staff and family members can be strengthened.


STAR Library Briefing by Chief Librarian


The program continued on the last day with an aerobics session in the morning followed by a Briefing from the Head Librarian related to Smart, Technologically Advanced and Relevant (STAR) Library. Through the speech of the Chief Librarian, Mr. Muzaffar Shah Kassim, urged the PSAS community to be alert and always ready and responsive to the speed of technological change and ensure that library services move in line with the needs of users.

In summary, this 2 day 1 night program at D'Wharf Hotel & Serviced Residence, Port Dickson, has successfully achieved the targeted objectives with the cooperation and high commitment of the PSAS staff. Hopefully with this motivation and unity, PSAS will be able to continue to excel in providing quality services to the UPM community.

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