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Forum Sejarah Lisan: Melestari Khazanah Ilmu UPM

By: Norfaezah Khomsan, Azwana Ab Rahman and Azizah Zainal Abidin

Serdang, 11 March - Initiatives to raise the awareness on the importance of oral history in the university history have prompted the Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad (PSAS) to organize the ‘Forum Sejarah Lisan: Melestari Khazanah Ilmu UPM’.

Chief Librarian, Mr. Muzaffar Shah Kassim, in his welcoming speech expressed the library's desire to initiate oral history collection activities to collect treasures from UPM alumni. In his speech, he hoped that by organizing this forum would be able to provide an understanding of the role of the library in the management of oral history materials. Oral history is seen as important for the retelling of history and in support of written sources. Mrs. Radia Banu Jan Mohamad, Deputy Chief Librarian, Hamdan Tahir Library, Universiti Sains Malaysia emphasized the role and importance of the library in collecting and storing a collection of oral history materials. The sharing of experiences and best practices that have been implemented in the USM Library is seen to provide a lot of input and guidance to PSAS. The panel also explored public university collaboration in future oral history activities. Deputy Director of the Alumni Relations Center, Mr. Fahmi Azar Mistar also supported the objective of collecting oral history to preserve the history of UPM and looking forward for collaboration that can be continued as a university agenda. There are many activities that have been carried out at the Alumni Relations Center and he sees several new ideas that could be collaborated with PSAS.

A total of 176 online participants of UPM citizens and the general public were also exposed to the process of finding oral history materials and appropriate storage methods. The forum, which was conducted for 2 hours by the moderator Mrs. Azana Abd Hadi, is expected to spark ideas and be the driving force behind the collection of UPM's oral history in line with UPM's Golden Jubilee Celebration in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Mr. Muzaffar Shah Kasim, Chief Librarian delivering his welcoming speech and hope for PSAS in oral history activities.


Mrs. Radia Banu Jan Mohamad sharing her presentation in oral history narration and among the latest initiatives of the USM Library


Mr. Fahmi Azar Mistar explained among the initiatives by the Alumni Relations Center in collecting the history of UPM alumni.


Token of appreciation to Mr. Fahmi Azar Mistar by Ms. Haslina Abu Seman, PSAS Senior Deputy Chief Librarian.


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