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Building Evacuation Training (Fire Drill) at Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad (PSAS)

By Mohd Dasuki Bin Sahak and Morni Yati Ibrahim


Serdang, 29 September - Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS) held a Fire Drill in collaboration with the Unit Bantu Mula (UBM), UPM. This training aims to train the Emergency Response Team (ERT), PSAS officers and users to deal with any emergency occurs in the Library.


PSAS officers and users were instructed to gather at the emergency assembly site



In the fire drill training, the fire incident was triggered by a plume of smoke in the Chief Librarian's Office and followed by the sound of the security alarm system. ERT members acted immediately to evacuate buildings and rescue operations.


The victim is being given initial treatment by First Aider ERT


Bantu Mula members are carrying out extinguishing operations



After the training, ERT members were briefed on the results of the fire drill conducted by the ERT Incident Commander, First Aid Unit Officer and Asset Development Officer. At the end of the program, the Unit Bantu Mula praised the quick actions of the ERT Team members during the Fire Drill exercise and hoped that this kind of exercise could be improved in the future. Congratulations ERT PSAS Team!


The Incident Commander, Mrs. Morni Yati Ibrahim briefed the ERT Team after the fire drill


Emergency Response Team (ERT), PSAS officers

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