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Briefing on EKSA Evaluation Criteria

By: Norfaezah Khomsan and Hazlindah Basiron

Serdang, 7th July - Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS) has organized an online Briefing on EKSA Evaluation Criteria attended by 101 PSAS staff. The purpose of this briefing was to provide exposure on the audit criteria of the Ekosistem Kondusif Sektor Awam (EKSA) according to standards.

Puan Azwana Ab Rahman, Head of the Malaysian Agricultural Resources Division who is also the Facilitator of EKSA UPM gave an explanation based on the EKSA UPM Implementation Guide Second Edition. During the briefing session, participants were exposed to the importance of EKSA implementation, Anugerah Kualiti Persekitaran Tempat Kerja and EKSA evaluation criteria.

The 2hour briefing with bilateral discussions related to components A to F to be evaluated for PSAS. The EKSA PSAS auditors have also been reminded to perform the assessment in accordance with the set criteria and ethics. Recordings for this session have also been uploaded on Google Drive Courses@PSAS for PSAS residents to access.


Puan Azwana Ab Rahman gave a brief explanation on the implementation of EKSA practices at  PSAS.   Sharing and discussion on the components of EKSA evaluation criteria


Quiz session based on the sharing   Group photos of the online participants

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