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Binumi is the world's largest educational video creation platform. Combining over a million royalty free multimedia clips with an easy-to-use online editor and cloud-based storage.


Edward Elgar Online

The new content platform for Edward Elgar Publishing's journals, reference works and books, including scholarly monographs, Research Handbooks, companions and more.


Ebscohost Discovery Service (EDS)

EBSCO Discovery Service provides libraries with a powerful discovery layer providing a unified index of a library's resources and a single search


Summon Serials Solutions

Introducing the Summon™ service, the revolutionary new unified discovery service from Serials Solutions. The Summon™ unified discovery service allows the researcher to quickly search, discover and access reliable and credible library content. It goes beyond federated search, beyond next-generation catalogs to create an all-new service for libraries. Through one simple search, it provides instant access to the breadth of authoritative content that's the hallmark of great libraries - digital and print, audio and video, single articles to entire e-journals, and every format in between. No need to broadcast searches to other databases - it provides one search box for a researcher to enter any terms they want and quickly get credible results in one relevancy ranked-list.



UpToDate® is the premier evidence-based clinical decision support resource, trusted worldwide by healthcare practitioners to help them make the right decisions at the point of care. It is proven to change the way clinicians practice medicine, and is the only resource of its kind associated with improved outcomes.



A software designed to allow students to engage with 3D models, using intuitive functions to rotate, add or remove anatomy and identify and learn more about any visible structure. Case studies give real medical context and relevance to the learning process, while revison aids, interactive quizzes and multiple choice questions help reinforce the information that your students need to know. Below are the access details.

username : upmtrial

password : upmtrial 




Primal Anatomy & Physiology Online

An engaging and effective web-based interactive 3D anatomy resources for both teachers and students, covering 20 modules with clear 3D images and interactive models, narrated animations and illustrations, dissection slides you can label, clinical case studies, the impact of aging on each body systems, pronounciation guide, quizzes and much more. Below are the access details:

username : upmtrial

password : upmtrial 


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